What kind of duck should I get??

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bufforp89, Jan 2, 2010.

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    I have decided that I want to order 10-15 ducklings in the spring from Holderread. Im having a really hard time deciding what to get though! [​IMG] I dont want to do khakis again, they are just not friendly enough and I really would like somthing that will go broody. I also need somthing that is around the same size as my remaining khakis so that when grown the dont pick on my smaller khakis. It would also be nice if they could cross breed with my khakis and make me some nice little mutt ducks, SO what would you get??
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    I love my Golden Welsh Harlequins and Anconas from them. Great ducks, friendly and healthy. Just remember that large number of ducks, they will have eaach other to hand out with so it takes work to get them really ubber friendly. Both of the breeds are on the critical list so having them is helping save the breed.

    Here are my babies from Holderread




    They LOVE getting hosed


    Here is a little video of them at 4 weeks old


    I ordered 5 Ancona and 5 GWH and I received 5 and 6 ... all in great shape and healthy. The Harlequins are smaller than the Ancona. They also have the Silver Harlequins.
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