What kind of duck


10 Years
May 1, 2009
I need help, originally they called them call ducks, then they informed me they were Australian spotted ducks… but with the research I’ve done I’m wondering if they are apple yard bantams.
They look like Australian Spotted to me but Bantam Ducks aren't my expertise
Bantam Appleyards and Australian S[potted look a lot alike. If the seller says they are Australian Spotted, then I would say that they are Australian Spotted.

Both breeds are rare, but the mini Appleyard is the more rare of the two. It would be very odd for any seller to have either one of those breeds and not know what they were.
Normally I would agree with you, but the seller didn't actually know what they had when they sold the ducks to me. The seller had originally thought they were Call Ducks but then reconsidered the type of duck to be Australian Spotted. Since the seller was not certain of the type in the first place, I've been researching different types of ducks and now I'm wondering if they might be Apple Yard or Australian Spotted.
They look like they could be pet quality Calls to me. If the seller thought he had Calls, I suspect that is what they are.

The cute little baby doll Calls that look like rubber duckies are only available from serious show breeders. There are a lot of people out there selling pet quality Calls that don't look much like Call ducks. Some of the pet quality Calls aren't even tiny. They just look like ducks.
I love show calls. They are so dang cute! I would love a pair or 2 someday :love

They look like pet quality calls. Still cute I think!

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