what kind of ducklings?


10 Years
Feb 2, 2009
I have a few ducklings that I know are pekins some that are rouen and somt that are sweedish.

but there are two ducklings that dont really look like any of them?

they are yellow (with a darker yellow head and stripes down the back)
have very orange beaks (unlike the pekins who have lighter beaks)
and are the same size as the rouen pekins and sweedish

these are ttypes they could be
White Pekin Ducks
Mallard Ducks
Khaki Campbells

what do you think?
Mallards, Khaki campbells, Rouens, and Swedish generally have dark parts on their beaks and dark markings on top of yellow/white fluff. They could be pekins from different parents than your other Pekins, or they could have a little bit of another breed in them. Is there any possibility that they could be runners? you'd know if they were though, I suppose. Very differently shaped than the other breeds. So pretty much Im no help. lol. sorry.
My Khaki Campbells did not have orange beaks as ducklings. Also, if they are light yellow as babies they are usually white as adults-----but could be mallards due to the stripes down the back.
My Khaki Campbells had an olive sort of beak, not orange as ducklings. Also, most light yellow ducklings are white as adults, but because of the stripes down the back, kind of sounds like mallards.
Anyone know what kind of duckling I have? The people at the feed store was guessing it was a black runner...but, the body profile just doesn't match. Any guesses?
I have a couple of more ducks I am not sure of what they are. The lady at the feed store (where I purchased the ducklings) said they were both Mallards. But, they both look so different from each other. I really suspect that they are two different species of ducklings. Just not sure what. Here is Cupcake and Sheila.




Sheila, with a poof on her (his?) head.

Any ideas on what they are?

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