What kind of ducks?


5 Years
Apr 22, 2014
Hello all--
Can anyone tell me what kind of ducks these are? They visit my yard daily and I would just like to know a little bit more about them. For the past two days the black one with the white flecks (front middle of first image) has been nesting under a small tree near my hammock. Do you think it will lay eggs?

Thanks for any information!

They all look like mixes to me. The blue and white one may be a Blue Swedish or Blue Swedish cross, and the black and white one may be a Cayuga cross. I'm not sure what the other ones are. They're very pretty!
Thank you! We bought our house last June and these 4 showed up on the pond in the fall.
They're strikingly beautiful! I love love love mixes. Those 2 in the front look super friendly too. The one toward the back looks Khaki Campbell mix to me. Do they have a house for overnight to protect from predators?
They do not belong to us. I am honestly not sure where they go at night or if they belong to someone or not. The two at the front are very friendly. They will follow me around the yard.
Me too ask around, if they don't belong to some one maybe you could adopt them, they are domestics and are not adept at flying off in case of predators and are very much in danger of being eaten or killed by one. The need over night protection and good feed made for chickens or ducks. They are lovely. Might be someones idea of a good place to dump off their ducks.
The black one looks like an older female cayuga (female cayugas get white feathers as they age.) The one after the cayuga is a buff drake. I had two and that one looks exactly like them. The blue/grey one is a blue swedish. Not sure about the last one. Maybe a campbell or a campbell mix? They sure are beautiful :)

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