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Aug 12, 2008
Bancroft, Ontario
OK- I keep seeing that the hens should have about 14hrs of light for egg production. Just what kind of light is it that they need? Full spectrum, normal incandescent, those new twirly compact flourescent, grow lights or UV lights?
Will 12 hrs in total do the trick for some eggs or is it 14 or nothing?
From what I hear/read some breeds lay all winter anyway, they just lay fewer eggs. I have RIRs and LHs. The LHs look like they have just moulted and are now getting their tails back. (or it could have been moth/mice/poor housekeeping at their last home)
And finally, how cold can I let it get in the coop at night before it starts to affect egg production? Its been down to 39 a few nights but normally has been in the 50s so far (in the coop.)


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Aug 2, 2008
South Central KY
That's for peak, year-round egg production. Hens have a limited number of eggs to lay in their entire life. They won't lay more eggs total in their life, but they will lay them all faster.

Nature slows them down a bit in the winter, it gives them a bit of a rest. I let nature take it's course, but I actually get better egg production in the winter, because nobody's broody or on "maternity leave" raising chicks, and mine only moult in the fall. I don't increase the light, unless temps go below 20F, then I'll leave a heat lamp on, for warmth. Otherwise, in winter they only have natural daylight. But they lay very well with that.

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