What kind of paint for the inside?


9 Years
Mar 6, 2011
I would like the inside of the coop, particularly the droppings board to be easy to clean. It is plywood inside and I have semi-gloss exterior paint. Is this a good choice?

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That's what I used. Works great! I picked a sunny yellow color to brighten up the inside of the coop on all those gray winter days.
I used high gloss white so I could scrub down the walls easier. thinking about stealing a couple of the wife's cookie sheets to put on top of the poo board so they can be pulled out & hosed off easier. I'll let you know how that goes after her discovery and the whooping to follow
cookie sheets. now there's an idea.

I want something bigger but similar for the floor too.... any bright ideas?!

and I want yellow paint for my inside as well... but I have white so that's what i'm going to use. mine is semi-gloss.
What about a sheet of plexi glass for the bottom? Easy to pull out and easy to sanitize afterwards, you can get them cut in many sizes at most hardware stores...
A piece of plexi would be fine.

Acrylic latex is fine for the inside of the coop. High or semi gloss will be easiest to clean and is, or course, non-toxic (I used to have my own painting business)
We use a galvanized auto drip pan under our roosts. It was an inexpensive Walmart find. It is light weight and rigid enough to not bend when loaded with chick poo. I just dump the load in the composter, hose off the pan, and put it back under the roosts after it dries. I do scatter some pine shavings and DE on top of the pan to help keep the poop from sticking and to help dry it out.
I don't have any poop catchers, I have a good 2"- 3" of shavings on the floor and I change it about every 2 weeks. I cut to fit and laid white wall board (the stuff that is used in bathrooms almost like paneling) down on the floor, it is smooth and easy to clean, it's not nailed or screwed down for easy removal. I plan on insulating the coop so I will probably use the white wall board to cover the walls after I put in the insulation, either that or I'll use luann and just paint it.
We picked up a good sized length of vinyl flooring at Home Depot for 5 bucks and laid that out with 3-4" of pine shavings on it. We shovel out under the roost every other week (goes to compost) and the whole coop every other month. So easy and stays real clean.
We used marine/industrial enamel. It's oil based and takes a full day to dry, but resembles plastic coating when it sets up. The floor of our coop is a few sheets of OSB and they painted up really nice with this stuff. Very scrubbable.

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