What kind of paint is safe????

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    Jun 1, 2008
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    Hello!!! We have finished the coop and now I would like to paint the outside of it. What kind of paint is OK to use? [​IMG] We already have the chickens so I want to be sure we won't harm them.

    I will post pics when I can find some time to figure it out. We purchased 3 Dominiques and 3 Silver Spangled Hamburg and a roo that is a mix of the 2. They are about a year old and we have been having a great time with them so far!!! But boy, it sure is addicting!!! I already want to build a second coop for another flock!!![​IMG] That is going to take a LOT of convincing with the hubby though!!![​IMG]

    I love this site and thank everyone for all the ideas and info I have gotten just from reading past posts.

    And I thank you in advance for your help!!!

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  2. jessica117

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    I would say outdoor latex would be safe. I'd steer clear of oil based. Please someone correct me if I'm wrong.

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    May 3, 2008
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    I was wondering about this also. I converted an old shed into a coop for my girls and it is a great coop, except it is U G L Y. It is covered in plywood that is painted white with red trim, but it really needs another coat of paint, (just the exterior, the interior has never been painted).

    When I moved the girls in I didn't care, but now I would like to pretty it up. I don't really have anywhere else to house my chickens while the coop 'off gasses'. I have checked out some eco-friendly paints but the really good ones are very pricey and I'm afraid some of the so-called low odour paints will still harm my birds.

    Does anyone have experience with painting their coops exterior while still letting the chickens in to roost at night, (the girls 'range' all day)? Thanks.
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    It is the fumes you're worried about, yes?

    If I had to paint the inside of a coop without anywhere else to put the chickens for a few days, I would use latex not oil, for sure.

    PRIME FIRST, though, and for that you will have to use exterior alkyd primer. If you do not prime first, your paint is apt to fall off relatively rapidly, meaning a) ugly and b) flakes of paint that chickens will eat. I would not skip priming unless I were *positive* the existing paint is entirely latex not oil-based AND I was willing to TSP-scrub and lightly sand the surface before painting. Painting is way too much work, and nontrivial expense sometimes too, to bother doing in a way that won't last.

    You know what, though, if it is just the OUTSIDE of the coop, as long as you do it on a dry and slightly breezy day I would not worry much about the fumes, as they have all of the Great Outdoors to diffuse into. Painting the inside would be different. You will want to erect a temporary fence in the run so the chickens don't brush against damp paint or primer, but, no biggie otherwise, IMO.

    Good luck,

  5. We used red barn paint, the kind that has a linseed oil base...

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