What kind of rooster do you breed with a RIR to get a Red Star?

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    Or is a Red Star a combo of breeds? Or what can you breed with a red star hen to get more red stars?...Besides a red star rooster...If that makes sense..lol THANKS!!
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    A Red Star is a red sex link. There is no specific breeds used to make a Red Star. Different hatcheries use different breeds.

    You get a red sex link by breeding a rooster with the gold gene, a RIR, New Hampshire Red, Buff Orp, Speckled Sussex, or many other possibilities to a hen that has the silver gene, a Delaware, Light Brahma, some White Rocks, or many others will work. A standard is a RIR rooster to a White Rock hen, but there is no guarantee this is the mix used. The male offspring are white and the female offspring are red. Depending on which breeds are actually used, there can be some variations off this. A female offspring may have a black or white tail, depending on which breeds are used as parents, but she will be mostly red.

    Since a red star does not have the silver gene, you cannot use a red star to make another red star. Hope that makes sense.

    Just for fun, here are a red sex link hen and rooster. The parents are a Speckled Sussex roo and a Delaware hen.


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