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  1. Homie Four

    Homie Four Chillin' With My Peeps

    Feb 4, 2014
    I would like to make a original RP, so please don't suggest something that's already been done.

    This first one is based off of an anime, Sword Art Online. It will be a little different, but for the most part it'll be like SAO.

    A new game just came out. A new Virtual Reality game came out for your Virtual Reality Headgear. When you put on this helmet, you get sent into a game, called Sword Art Online. You were one of the first to get this game because your waited in line for the longest time. You are just so excited. You sign into this game, it asks you a few questions, then you are signed into the game. Your character in the game surprisingly looks like you! It turns out because your headgear could tell what you look like. You're testing out the controls, do you use a sword or a gun? Are you gonna act tough or rely on others? Well, this is just a game, so you don't have to worry to much on this stuff, that's what you think though. Everyone is teleported to the main town. You look around confused, wondering why everyone was teleported here. A man bigger than everyone there put together hovers in the sky above us.
    "Hello Sword Art Online fans! I am here to tell you that this game is not a game anymore. You are not fighting for your life." He announces. "We have made it so that your headgear is connected to your brain and if someone tries to take it off, it will shut off your brain, and you will die. Already thousands have died from this, and thousands more will die. If you haven't noticed yet, there is no way to log out. The way to get out is to beat the 100th floor boss and then you will set everyone free. Have fun." He disappears and this is when it starts. You are now fighting for your life.

    The next one is also based off of an anime, but I can't remember the name, and I never finished it xD I just liked the idea.

    You're a highschool student at Torauto High. You're fairly new to this school and haven't made any friends yet. One thing is weird though, some students in the class randomly leave. The teachers get mad at them, but they still randomly leave. One day you decide to follow them out. You discover something very unusual. They are shooting these lazers out of their hands!? Swords appear out of nowhere in their hands!? Their hair is glowing!? This is all so crazy, that's what you thought at the time. You quickly get out of there, running home. When you get home there is a box sitting out front. You open the box to find a stuffed animal. Why is there a stuffed animal at my door? You ask yourself. You take it in and set it on your shelf. That night it somehow comes to life and you wake up in the morning to it alive, sitting next to you. You jump back, scared, and the thing begins to talk. It tells you that you're now one of those people who can make weapons appear out of nowhere and shoot lazers out of your hands. Your mission is to get rid of all the dark souls that lurk in Torauto city. The animal shows you a bracelet on your arm. You can't take it off. You're now permanently a soul slayer.

    This last one I thought of it cuz I noticed there weren't many neko RPs.

    You receive a necklace from a mysterious person. You are confused why, but before you can ask, the person is gone. It's late and you begin to get scared so you head home. You get home and go to bed. The next morning you get up to go out. You decide to where this odd necklace. You put it on and soon enough, your head begins to hurt. You fall asleep and later awake. You get up and look into the mirror. You have animal ears!? You have a freak and soon figure out that it's the necklaces fault. You try taking it off, but it won't come off! You soon figure out that this is no dream, this is reality, and you are a neko. You don't know why the person did this to you, but the person still hangs around to watch. Everytime you try and catch up to talk to it, it disappears. To go back to highschool, you put on a hat. The next day, when you get home, the ears are gone!? Soon enough, you figure they only appear when you're excited. This is gonna be a crazy highschool life, you know.

    Okay, so these are all them! If you have a suggestions for them or wanna suggest a different subject to make a RP out of, just let me know! Thanks! You can choose more than one if you want me to make more than one also.

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