What kind of Turkey Chick is this?


8 Years
Nov 16, 2011
Eastern NY
Hi, Just helped re home a bunch of different types of birds, I took a few Turkey Chicks for my self, I know three are Royal Palms since I raise them currently, 2 I believe are Burbon reds, then there is this one, What is it? It is a Lot dark black in person, Face has a Whitish yellow patch.

I would agree with mrclif. Your new babies are cuties!!

I wonder if this is what my next batch of babies will look like (gonna breed my standard bronze and spanish blacks together). We'll see!
The black one with the white face is a black. However, I do not believe the white poult is a royal palm. Way too much black for a bird that young. The dark stripe down the back may indicate sweetgrass, but it seems too bold for that as well. The third color you show, in the front right of the first picture, has me stumped. Looks like it may grow into a very colorful bird, though.
Lagger, The other two birds are Peafowl, The only turkey pic is the Black one. So you guys all think that is a spanish black, Are they a good turkey to raise?
Mine are friendly,I have ten birds various breeds that range from 3-6 months old. I got all within days after hatching and raised and have contact with them everyday. The toms show agression towards each other sometimes but never towards me or my kids.

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