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  1. Well this year i get to raise some chicks to add to the other 11 we have. We have 3 aruacanas, 5 white leghorns, and 2 black sexlinks and 1 red. I really love how timid the black sexlinks are so i would say to get those but they look alot alike and it's hard to tell which is which. And the leghorns are way to skiddish.They are always bookin it and they can fly high so they fly out occasionally. The red one.....I don't know why but she's always bin skiddish and never lets me go near her.

    We have a nice area and they free range all day everyday untill they go back in by themselves.

    Any suggestions on what kind i should try to get?
    I need a kind know to stays close and loves getting attention and greens that will be over flowing from our greenhouses in the spring time. [​IMG] THANK you IN ADVANCE!
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    We have had good luck with our Cochins and Delaware hens. New Dehli (our Delaware) will jump into your lap when you are outside and just fall asleep.
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    I have or have had:

    Plymouth Rocks all have neat personalities & are curious as to what I am doing!
    Brahma are so sweet!
    Austrolorp I have only had 1 she eats out of my hand but, doesn't want to be held!
    EE they put up with being held but don't like it!

    I have Bantams Cochins, Brahmas & Silkie!
    Cochins are so sweet I have some full sizes ones in the bater! (with some Buff Orpingtons because everyone says they are sweet I had to get some)
    Brahmas again they are just as sweet as big ones.
    Silkies I went through a lot of hatchery silkies before I could find one who would let me pick them!

    I also have Barred Rocks Bantams in bator because big ones are so calm & really gentle!

    I hear Sussex are also nice
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    May 23, 2007
    Clarion County

    I like your web site!

    Looks like a wonderful business you have!
  5. Quote:Thank you. Me and Larkin are trying to get some more picture up. More recent ones because two of our greenhouses got destroyed and we are putting up new ones and we have a way better chicken structure right now. [​IMG]

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