What kinds of plants should I grow around the chicken's run?

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    Jul 1, 2011
    So our chicks are in the brooder now (5 days old). We live in zone 9 for plants. I've built a chicken tractor from recycled materials and a screened run from PVC, poultry fencing and garden shade cloth. We live in a medium-density urban area. The area of the yard where we plan on housing the chickens is mostly dirt, and has been fallow for a few years. I'm working now on getting everything set up for when we move the chicks outside. I know the chickens will enjoy the dirt for dust baths, but I'm wondering: what kinds of native, edible, or beneficial plants I might grow around the coop? I'm planning on planting a fig tree and a few seedless grape vines in the fall, but for this (hot) season I'm hoping to plant some fast growing flowers, vines, grasses that might help provide shade, a tasty snack, or to help lure insects. Because we're in the desert I'm hoping for some options that are especially drought tolerant. Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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    I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash around my coop. Some grow inside and my chicks love it. Some grow outside, and I love it. These are water loving plants, so I water every day, unless it rains. It does make the leaves thick and lush. Not sure what to suggest for a drought area though. Gingerlilypad
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