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My 4 chicks are about 6 weeks old and we have had them for 2 weeks. They have had what looks like "intestinal lining" poops nearly daily since we got them. Not sure if it is all of them. Every morning there is usually one reddish poop that is runny as well. Today is the 7th day on Corrid and it doesn't seem any better really. They seem to act fine eating and drinking, growing great. So at this point do I watch and see, is it normal? New to all this! Thanks! I have them in coop in garage still on pine chips. I believe they were out more when we got them, mixed with other chickens, ducks. Tried to attach pic of runnier poop but don't think it worked. Thank you for any suggestions!!! Trying not to make things too complicated but want to be sure they are okay! Could this be a worming issue?? Please help
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