What next. . .EE's and Polish are 4+weeks old


13 Years
Jan 29, 2011
Niles, MI
We have 4 chicks in the brooder. 3 are around 4 weeks, I would guess. 1 is a week younger i would guess, she is smaller and not as feathered.

They are in my living room and I still have the heat lamp on them. We live in Phoenix, was 85 today outside.

What is the next step for them?
I wish it was 85 here! I would wait to put them out when they are fully feathered... maybe 6 weeks... what is the temp overnight? Maybe keep it off during the day and only turn it on overnight and keep raising it up further away... if it's 85 in the brooder without the light I wouldn't even turn it on.

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