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    Hi all,
    So I'm completely new to the art of chicken rearing I've done some research but as always there are just some things you don't think about till its to late. So I have 6 rir chick's currently taking up residence in my lounge room. They are in one of those fancy box things and plenty of food and water that I check on 5 times a day. The weather is quite warm (australia) so I don't have a heat lamp on. We do have a chicken coop complete with 8 metre run roosting poles and nesting boxes for when they are big enough. I took them out into my backyard before to give them some fresh air and a chance to stretch their legs and what i noticed almost immediately was that the Butcher birds and crows began to hover around like i was serving free lunch ( to them i probably was).another thing i noticed was that one of the chick's dug a little hole and then sat it in it with its wings spread out a bit? So i guess I'm wanting to know how much outside time my 2 week old chick's need? Will the Butcher birds leave them alone when they are big enough? And is the digging and sitting in it normal?
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    Your chicks are simply having a dust bath - perfectly normal. Since it is warm and you have a secure coop / run there's no reason why they should not be out during the day. Depending on night time temperatures, you may wish to house them indoors until they have fully feathered out. I live in Nairobi where it is warm all year round, and the mother hen usually takes the chicks to the main roost at around 6 weeks which must mean that she is satisfied that its warm enough for them to be happy.

    Not sure what a Butcher bird looks like, but as long as they are in a safe run, they will be fine.

    Hope that helps

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