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  1. Hippy_Joe

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    May 11, 2009
    So, I raised my five girls!(No roosters) They just started laying eggs last week. My question is that I don't really know what to do with the eggs. Right now I just take them out the coop wash them and put them in a box in the fridge till we eat them. How long can I keep them? What happens when I have 25-30 eggs a week? Any comments would be great!
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    Somewhere there is a thread with a discussion on washing eggs. It was interesting to see the different views. We don't wash our until we are ready to eat them. When my eggs start to stack up, I start giving them to neighbors and friends. It is much easier than making cookes!

    Of course, I watch to see who is most pleased to get the eggs. They stay on the list.

    Lately I have found two egg heavy recipees I love.

    1) I make fresh ground whole wheat bread dough, roll it out as if to make cinnamon rolls, but instead of filling it with cinnamon and sugar and butter, I put a jar of salsa and slightly underdone scrambled eggs. I let them rise and back and "ta da" I have on the go breakfast rolls that supply protien and fiber. I store them in the freezer and warm in microwave.

    2) Bread pudding. I made it with whole wheat bread and no rasins. Used canned milk instead of regular. It took 8 eggs for a 9x13 pan. It was YUMMY!
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    Eggs will last a couple of weeks in the fridge. As far as the excess eggs, give them away or sell them.

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