What point do I change my Thanksgiving feed

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Mar 3, 2009
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I was told to change my feed to more corn to finish off my turkeys.
I was also told they should be locked up the last six weeks and feed half corn and half fly feed.
People that raise Market Turkeys what do you feed the last six weeks. I am trying to get my hands on Apples to feed them for the last six weeks. My dad use to feed his rooster apples a month before butchering. He swore it give them a nice sweet apple taste. I figure a half bushel a day would do it. There 40 of them. Or do you think they need a whole bushel? The guy that has them wants them picked up off the ground to keep disease down. He even said I could get the soft ones he can't sell. What you all think?
Back to the feed. I been reading and I am really mixed up about when to change the feed and what to change too..
My point is that these are Free Range Turkey and if they are put up for six weeks that not Free Range. Is it?
Every morning when I let them out, they fly around and jump around all over their pen. They are like little school kids let out of the last day of the school year. They will fly out of their pen and walk back to the gate to be let back in. If they don't do that will their muscles become soft and less tasty?

I have to say Harp was right,start small, know the person that hatch them and his birds. I lost 40 bird because I got from a different guy and 6 were Porter turkeys which were a start for my my breeding stock.
But I have had a ball raising them. They are better then TV. I will be back next years to raise five times as many.
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