what position do we put the quail eggs when incubating?


Jun 1, 2009
Also, when you turn your eggs, you don't turn from end to end as this could cause the chick to strangle on it's chalaza. You want to rotate them gently from one side to the other, not from top to bottom. Again, don't flip them from broad end to narrow or your chicks could be harmed.

Go check out the board about Incubating and Hatching. The same rules for chickens apply to quail too, with a few exceptions:

*they hatch in 14 days (button quail), 18 days (coturnix) or 23 days (bobwhite), instead of the 21 days for chickens.
*they like the humidity slightly higher. I keep mine, for coturnix, at 40-50% for the first 14 days and then raise it to 70% for the last 4 days.

Otherwise it's all the same...same rules for turning the eggs, same rules for lockdown, same rules for temperature.

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