What predator takes the whole body of a chicken?


6 Years
Jul 29, 2013
South Carolina
I pen made out of chain link fence & a netted tarp tied dwn for top, well i had 5 bantys in 4 hens & 1 roo, i have them few months with no problems until now, the predater takes whole body leaves nothing but feathers, and the feathers are on outside of the coop like it was pulled thro the fence what kind of animal that does that? So i know how to make new coop more secure? It got my hens, but not my roo hes alive snd secure in small cage on my porch for now, thanks
The top had few openings so i fixed that no holes dug cause we made a trench around the pen and put fence dwn in it, we did that cause it was use for puppies at one time so we added a top to it for the chickens, but im think im take tarp off & use hardwire cloth for top like my other coop i have and nothin has ever got into it except for 1 snake, could it be raccoon? one hen was stuck in the fence hole with her head eaten off, the other 3 were gone with feathers right outside the pen, but in different areas of the pen. Thanks
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Yea it happened all at night not during the day im home all day so i look on them every so often, plus the wild animals here are afraid of people they run when they see u, so they come out at dark, i have a game camera we gonna put it out & see who the culprit is hopefully eliminate it or fix the problem, Thanks
Ok whatever this animal is has to be very small an order for it to get into my other pen it have not be to big or it would fell thro the netting on top or fell off the side cause its not strong to hold them, I'm thinking its a weasel or a mink it baby opposom or baby raccoon whatever it is has to weigh less and scared of flash light its gone fast, so if that's the case how do i catch it? And protect my flock from it
sounds like a coon to me, you need 1/2 inch hardwire cloth (amzon has it $80 for 100 feet x 4 feet) the coons reach into the pen and pull the chickens out, 1/2 inch they can't reach into do not use the cheap chicken wire, it wont work..... i lost a few chickens to it
Ok thanks, it only gets the hens it doesn't bother the roosters, even tho i took my roo out after all the hens were gone, the chicken wire was not cheap we paid $100 for it not only that we doubled it around the pen since dogs get in at one time but the top is made of garden netting, I'm thinking of putting hard wire cloth on the top, an barb wire around the top, I'm build a house that i lock them in at night too, i got to keep my bantams secure, i have some large hens that don't even touch there pen which is weird they must be too big, anyways thanks hopefully i can build a coop safe enough for them, i leave there food bowls out should i pick them up at night so it wont attract the coons to my coops? Thanks
what i got http://www.amazon.com/Gilbert-Benne..._sbs_hi_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=092CT175X8SJA644ABWR electric fence around the area will do wonders, not very expensive, easy to set up. put one line about 4 inches off the ground then 10 inches, the one about 1/2 way up and finally one a couple inches from the top. put hte middle and upper line 4-6 iches off the pen so they can't crawl over it if they climb. this wil also keep dogs away
Ok thanks my grandfather had put electric fence on his too, but i just have more woods than he does i own bout 7 acres & most is woods, it don't come for my free rangers just the bantams its like its targeting them weirdest thing ever, i do have some silkie chicks what would be the best safe coop make for them could make them this & use hardwire mesh instead of chicken wire

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