What price do you sell your eggs for?

Id like to know too, seeing as my egg production has tripled

Ive seen some that sell them $5 a dozen - but I wonder if they make the buyer pay shipping
Settler'sDreamFarm :

For those of you who sell your duck eggs, what price do you sell them for a dozen?

Are you talking eating eggs or hatching eggs? The sky is the limit for hatching eggs, what ever the buyer is willing to pay. Here in central NC I saw eating duck eggs offered at $5/doz at the farmer's market this morning (Sat) that is lower than usual ($6), we have a Asian population that really raises the demand for duck eggs. With most ducks laying now the supply is starting to meet the demand. I have no idea what the prices might be in other areas.​
At the Asian farmer's market in my area, they sell duck eggs for eating at $2.99 (before tax) for only FIVE eggs. I cringed for this one guy I saw in the parking lot who had bought a bag (they package them in next bags instead of cartons) and then accidentally dropped it and broke all of the eggs.

I gift my duck eggs for eating to friends and family and they usually give me a "donation" towards the feed of around $4 a dozen.
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I have a friend that has a allergy towards chicken eggs but can eat duck eggs without problems. When I know the eggs are safe (clean and fresh in a nest) I take them to her at work in a basket. One easter one of her co-workers thought the green tinted eggs were Easter eggs and cracked one open.....

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