what should i do for my pecked and sunburnt hen?

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  1. I'm new to BYC and started a thread to seek an answer to my hens cure. they recommended i post here so i hope u can respond asap and help me. so i started raising a flock last year with 7 hens and 1 unexpected rooster. this year we expanded when my bantam went broody. we added 4 chicks, two possibly roosters (made need advice in the future how to deal with 3 roosters!). so anyway, we removed my broody bantam in april to my garage. she was the runt of the flock and always got picked on. then when she left, my girls started pecking Dusty, the next runt though not a bantam (photo in my profile). she soon had a bald back, which never happened to my little bantam. we didn't do anything, not knowing what to do and a week later we noticed tiny, shell less or a combo of both eggs. we examined dusty and found a huge gash from the top of her tail to the vent that wasn't there 3 days ago. we took from the flock to our garage and cleaned the cut and applied ointment twice daily for a month. once the gash healed, there were shoots of feathers starting to grow and we weaned her back to the flock in june. the feather growth was immediatly pecked off and since it was the summer we were so busy we didn't have time to do anything. now her back is bloody, red and sunburnt and we don't know what to do. spraying bluekote was recommended though not liking that idea. any other suggestions would be much appreciated if u respond asap as were leaving this afternoon for 5 days and don't know whether to leave her.
  2. I am thinking that although her feathers have been pecked, now that her back is bare she would also be being injured when mounted by the rooster. Separating her from the rooster while she heals might be necessary. Is some one else caring for your chickens while you are away? I would suggest separating her from the flock and even if she isn't treated for her injuries while you are away, at least they won't be made any worse.
  3. here is a pic of Dustys back. more found in my profile. we have a pet sitter coming, well definitely separate her though we could take her with us if that might be better for Dusty? thanks for your speedy reply!
  4. scratch pic, didn't work, if u want to see a pic look in my photo albums. Dusty has her own!
  5. Looking at the pictures it doesn't look too terrible, given some rest from being attacked and out of the sun she should heal.
    I see on your other posts some one has mentioned chicken aprons. This is probably a good option to prevent recurrent problem. I wouldn't use until any wounds have healed, and it is important to check under apron daily for any irritation, rubbing, lice or any other parasites.
    If you do a search on BYC you should find some info on making or buying chicken aprons.

    If you have taken Dusty with you try to keep her somewhere quiet as new surroundings will be a bit stressful.
  6. to all those who responded to my question, thank you! i decided to move dusty into our garage and put zinc oxide ointment on her back. the sunburn is gone now and her feathers are starting to grow back! were going to keep her in our garage until their fully grown back. were also looking into an apron for her so thanks everyone!

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