What should I do? Moving eggs to hatcher


10 Years
May 28, 2009
Central NY
I have 24 black java eggs in my incubator. They are due to hatch on Friday (the 19th). Right now they are in my LG with automatic turner and I need to move them to my hatcher (hovabator still air) b/c I have maran eggs that are also in there and are due to hatch next week.
I have hatched lots of eggs before but I always hand turned them and never moved them. So, when do I need to move them? I thought it should be tonight or tomorrow (three days before hatch). Or should I just leave them in the LG and take all eggs out of the turner and just hand turn the marans? Please help, need suggestions.......
well I actually just did this & I have duck eggs left in the turner to be hatched next week. So I would move the ones that are due on Friday to the bator without the turner & leave the others that still need turning. The eggs that are going to hatch on Friday just need the warmth & the humidity & to rest on their sides so move them. As for when I think it depends on the time of day you set them in the bator. Day 18 is the last day of turning so I always move them or stop the turning at the end of day 18. If you set them in the morning so that tomorrow morning is day 19 then I would move them tonight or tomorrow morning. I hope I said that right. I always stand there at the last minute figuring this out to. LOL & I'd just got done miscalulating thinking I needed to move eggs on Sunday instead of Monday & realized at the last minute....

Good luck with your hatch!
Thank you so much! That's funny about having to calculate the days every time. I do the same thing. As many times as I've hatched eggs I always think I know the day to stop turning and then I stand there before I do it and do the math again! Funny how that works.

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