What should I do under the roosts?

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    This may seem like a simple question but I’ve looked through many posts and can’t quite figure out what to do. The coop floor is fake concrete (dirt/cement mix) and is divided in two by a 2x8 set on end. Half the coop is under the roosts - for clarity sake I’ll call it the bedroom. The other half has the nest boxes, water & feed - livingroom.
    I had pine shavings under the roosts but when cleaning there’s more shavings than poop which seems wasteful and ends up being a lot of wood to compost in the garden. I was coming to the conclusion that maybe the floor under the roosts should not have any shavings – or a light dusting. So now temperatures are supposed to get down to the teens with highs in the 20’s or teens for a week or two. I should have deep litter in the living room, right? I’ve added a lot but it seems to pack down quickly. What do I do on the bedroom floor? They sleep right over it and it borders two outside walls of the barn. Yesterday we stapled cardboard on the studs so there’s a dead air space on the outside walls. The two inside walls 1” chick wire and covered by a roll up tarp (which is very handy for airing out during warmer weather). Is the tarp enough for cold weather? The barn has open windows and stall door for the horse to come in.
    What do I do with the bedroom floor? More shavings? If so, how deep? I have an extra bale of grass hay but is that a good idea?
    The way the roosts are set I can’t do poop boards. Maybe we can re-arrange next spring if need be. The coop is 7'x11', we have 11 hens. I REALLY appreciate any help here.[​IMG]
    Prairie Mary
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    For temporary use, maybe you could use a couple of cardboard boxes under the roost area. They wouldn't have to be very deep (6-8 inches) and you could put just a sprinkling of shavings and DE in them. This would help to keep the areas seperate and confine the "dirty" shavings so you wouldn't waste so much.
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    That's not a bad idea. Maybe I could put hay down & put boxes on top. I don't think I have enough shavings. I'll think about that. Thanks!
    Prairie Mary

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