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    Jun 6, 2016
    Hello my name is Tina and recently one of my silkies was attacked by a racoon! I know the odds of her surviving are pretty slim. Her skin is gone from her jaw to the end of her neck, she seem like she is able to breathe fine though. I gave her some pain medicine and I think that has helped her a little. She actually seems to have been improving from when she was attacked, she seems a bit more lively if you shall say. This never happened to any of my chickens before, and have heard about this happening to other chickens before. They have all just put their chickens out of misery, I don't want her to suffer but I also do not want to take her to the vet and spend $100 on just putting her sleep when, I could possibly just nurse her pack to health. Also people have to just cut off her head and get it done with fast, but that just seems so darn cruel ! If any of you chicken owners out there have had this happen to you before please leave me a comment telling me what you did. Thank you.
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    [​IMG] sorry for the circumstances. Is all of the skin gone from her neck or is it just torn from her jaw to the base of her neck? If all of the skin is gone, the humane thing would be to euthanize her. If it is simply torn, apply antibiotic ointment, keep the flies away from her, and she may very well heal. Chickens have great recuperative abilities in cases involving torn skin, scalping, etc.

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