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okay so heres the story, i have a neighbor who has always been my friend even though shes like 20 years older than me but she was the reason i got chickens i always loved hers so i got my own

well she used to have ducks but my dogs (corgis) started catching them and killing them, so they put up a 7 1/2 foot tall wood fence all the way around their property (she also put parts of a duck they had killed in our mail box and called animal control on our dogs) but thats another story we have since bought them the number of ducks my dogs had killed and also a couple to replace hers that predators had gotten,(this was before i got my chickens) the fence kept the ducks in her yard and the dogs in mine but her chickens still came over the fence to scratch in the horse poop.

we didnt mind weve always like the chickens, but since i got my first chickens on easter i had 4 roos and 2 hens =/ soo i got more hens but
my RIR roo started going into her yard looking for the hens and she got scared for her roo because hes no small and my RIR was so big, well i got rid of my roo i didnt want to start problems, the thing is about a week later her small rooster came over the fence and attacked my frizzle rooster.

well now that ive gotten more hens theyve all seemed to stay on their sides of the fence but now last night i get a call from her saying my barred rock roo is over there and i should come get him because shes worried about her rooster well i am no way going to get rid of marley, he protects my little hens, he is sweet to me and my family and he has never attacked my other roosters but im afraid if something happens to her rooster she is going to call animal control again

and heres the problem none of us are allowed to have these chickens much less roosters so any suggestions on what i should do =/ sorry about the long post but the whole story seemed necessary to explain whats going on because i really need some help
That's weird you can have a horse but not chickens. I live in la la land here. To me it sounds like you both need to put up runs for the chickens.
Umm....do you not have a run? That would solve the issue, it sounds like. I do not free range mine because I work full time and I'm not home to supervise them, and we have lots of fox. I have a large run, with fencing over top so they can't fly out, nor flying predators get in. That might be your very best bet. You sure don't want to have "bad" neighbors. Been there...it's awful. I never want a bad neighbor again!
build a run. that way your chickens can have some "outdoors time" as well as not go into other people's yards. plus, it sounds like you have a lot of roos for an area where you're not allowed to have chickens... i'd limit your illegal roosters to at least one or zero. if animal control finds out you've got chickens (plus several roosters) they may really start cracking down on backyard chickens in that area.

i would say the first step would be DEFINITELY building a run.
we cant have a run because the main reason my dad let me get them is to peck spread around the horse poo and eat the fly larvae so that there arent as many flies and the ive gotten rid of almost all my roos ive got 3 now but there are about 5 other people in the neighborhood with poultry : ducks turkeys quail chickens etc. and the ones that dont have them dont mind that we do, the only real predators we have are at night the coons and possums so if we lock them up at night they are fine, we used to have hawks but a neighbor down the road shoots them when he sees them =/ so they dont come around anymore. but i like the wing clipping idea ill probably do that the thing is her roo will then come into our yard and attack my roo and im almost positive she wont clip his wings shes mentioned to me before that she thinks its "inhumane" but if he came over here after i already did what i could to stop my problem then i guess that would be her fault. thanks guys you all are great

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