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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by RoosterRehab97, Dec 27, 2009.

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    [​IMG] I'm completely overrun with fowl!!!!! I have 8 roos, and 6 hens, all but 2 of the roos, and all of the hens live in a big stall in the barn. Two darling roos live in my backyard in a small coop, and a humongous coop is being built. I'm considering selling some chickens to make room for some more roosters. I LOVE Roosters, and want to know if you guys think I should sell.
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    I would be curious to know how roos will do without hens to **hope this is tactful**... do the deed with? Will they be stressed without girls in the pic? Will this make them more aggressive or less because they dont have to worry about hens?

    I am very curious to see what others have to say.

    I too loved roos too until I have had 2 go 'bad' on me. One has been crockpotted and the other is about to just get its neck wrung if he spurs me one more time... grrrr!
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    I say nix the hens,or they will get tore up from being over-bred by too many roosters.
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    Quote:The two in my backyard went 'bad' on me. They were so nasty that the chickens went unfed because I couldn't go in the stall. I moved them to my backyard, and they are the sweetest things. Maybe roos do better without hens.
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