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It's generally best to let the chickens work it out for themselves. As long as there's no blood or serious injury, they should be ok. Squabbles happen.
Hens have the same desire to mate as cockerels but like all animals, the females know when the time is right to reproduce and the males are always ready to mate when ever the female is ready.

If your hen dosent want to mate its because its not the right time. She will tell him when it is. Young cockerels can be a little rough and ready and hens dont respond well to this "loutish" behaviour.

Once a young cockerel learns that the best way to win over a hen is to find food for her, protect her and court her then the hens respond positivly to his advances.

Hens want to breed with males who will take care of them and their young so your hen will want to breed eventually. Check her back and under her wings for cuts or damage. If your cock is rough he may have hurt her with his spurs or talons and she may need a treading saddle or time to recover.

Just give her space and time.

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