What should I expect in winter (NZ)

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    I just have a quick question. My girls that I got at 8 weeks old in December are very happy and now laying really well, I'm getting 4 eggs per day from 4 girls and some of them are double yokers! (So better than the 0.7/day that seems to be quoted) They are Bron Shavers and information online seems to suggest that the girls will stop laying when the days get to 14 hours daylight. We are now at 12 hours daylight and they are still going strong. So I just have a couple of questions.
    1. Will laying stop completely at some stage during the winter, or does it simply slow down?
    2. Will the fact that they are still laying prolifically at this stage of the year be of any detriment to their health, and are there any extra suppliments I should be giving them. I'm trying to keep them on a main diet of laying pellets to keep the protein high, with additional dried meal worms, and occasional vegatable as a daily treat. I think they are addicted to the meal worms, they go crazy when i get the packet out jumping up in the air like a dog to try to get at them!
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    I always recommend feeding a higher protein, especially if you are feeding anything besides the ration. I feed an all flock and a non medicated grower with oyster shells on the side 18-20% protein. Your hens should lay through their first winter and will stop before their second winter to molt and recover. I have read that too many freeze dried meal worms can be hard on the kidneys so I don't know if you are feeding fresh or dried ones, though I have no experience with them.

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