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Jun 12, 2020
I have a very mixed flock as of this spring and I'm wondering what is my best options for feed. Currently I am using Nutrena NatureWise All Flock, but not sure if this is what our best option is, if I should look into others, etc.

Our flock currently consists of "the older crew" which are a little over a year old, they are the majority of our chickens and our ducks. The "kids" are all about 11 weeks old now and are guinea, turkey, and some barnyard mixes that we hatched on our own. They all live together at this point, locked in our coop at night and let out to free range during the day. We also supplement with oyster shell, and occasionally I throw in some "rooster booster poultry booster" supplement, but I'm not sure if it's totally necessary? I am also open to hearing if there are supplements I should be considering and if just occasionally or regularly.

I don't think I left out any information, but I'm a scatter brain so just ask if there is something that needs to be known (or just wants to be known).

Thanks for any input!


May 12, 2018
Central Virginia
I use Purina flock raiser Mostly but I will purchase Any major brand that has the latest manufacture date when I go to the store (tractor supply).

The way I figure, more than half the year:
- you have chicks
- you have hens not laying due to daylight hours
- you have hens not laying due to molt (and this can be months and months of the year if you look at all the times any single hen is molting)
- You have a broody
- You might have a roo

I just see no reason to buy layer feed when any given day one of these factors could be impacting the flock and layer feed would negatively impact at least one bird. This is why I don’t even consider any feed but the most recent mill date Flock Raiser (any brand) with a can of oyster shell always present

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