What should I sell leghorn and Rhode Island red eggs for?


Jul 4, 2021
okay here is the run down: I have 56 total in my flock 50 females and 6 males. Egg production has started almost a month ago. With that said, some but not all have been laying. so far i'm picking up 20-30 eggs a day and wish to sell, but since they're just starting off some are a little bit small. I do get pretty large eggs but i don't want to mix small with the medium and large I spend a good amount of money on feed itself and that is not including other misc. items when needed. What are yall's opinion on how much to sell small, medium and large eggs? Also, do you think selling a dozen for $5 dollars is a lot?
I sell for 2.50, cheapest local eggs I'm aware of. I know a lot of people sell their eggs for more than 5$ ( there was someone here once, that stated they sell their eggs for $13 a dozen!) but I'm not one of them. I want them to pay for their keep, not really make a profit, but it's nice to have some 'egg money', "my chickens bought my lunch today!"
How much do you spend on feed per month? How many eggs do you get per day?
Eggs per day, how many dozen a week? A month? If you have 50 hens that will give you roughly 40 eggs a day x 4 day a week x 4 weeks a month. 40 x 7 x 4 is 1, 120 ÷ 12 (dozen) 93 dozen a month. 93 x say, $3 a dozen is $280 a month minus How much you spend on feed a month covers labor, fencing, coop supplies etc. Adjust the price of your eggs to suit your needs
Check local prices, and the market for backyard eggs.
Start high, you can always reduce price or have a 'sale'.
I sell by weight of carton, (LG to XL) for 3.50 to simplify my accounting and reduce customer confusion.


When I first started,5 years ago I kept small and Peewee for myself.
I sold medium for $2, LG $2.50, XL $3, Jumbo $3.50.
Not organic.
My Golden Comets quickly soared to xl, Jumbo and larger.
So then I switched to 1 dozen $3, two for $5, three for $7, four for $9. XL and Jumbo. Any egg that wouldn't fit in the carton and close the cover, I kept.

Now 5 years later every one and there mother has chickens in my town. So I have to match local prices. $2.50 each dozen, no discount on quantity.
Currently a dozen weigh 29 to 30 oz. XL/Jumbo.

Tiny egg not included. GC

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