What should I use for bedding inside the coop and in the run?

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    I have an 18x6x6 coop/run combination and I was just looking for good suggestions on bedding. I've heard cedar is bad and can hurt their lungs, are other wood chips okay? Should I use the same materials inside the coop as out? Thanks.
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    I would never use wood chips outside in the run, because they can get nasty when they get wet. I'd opt for a few inches of coarse sand in the run, and shredded pine (or pretty much anything other than cedar) indoors. Tractor supply (and similar places) usually sell the shredded wood bales the cheapest. The sand I'd get from a mulch or rock company by the truckload - very cheap per ton/half ton.
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    You could use sand throughout and throw some straw on top inside but your birds are gonna perch and it would probably be a waste of straw. May be better to go sand throughout for a easy cleanup with a kitty litter scoop or a old grain shovel with holes drilled in it.
    Your poo boards are gonna catch about 75% of the inside poo so think them out (fixed in place and scrape them to clean vs removable tray or cookie sheet you can hose off or clean outside)
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    For discussion of the pros and cons of different materials for your outdoor run, see my 'fixing a muddy run' page (link in .sig below)

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Quote:Agreed Pat!


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