What should my coop be called???


7 Years
Mar 28, 2012
Hi guys!!! I have a 4x6 amish chicken coop that is hunter green. I want to paint a sign with its name on it but I don't know what to call it. Any suggestions??? Here is a picture:
some cousins of mine have chickens and they put their house number on the coop and just added 1/2 to the end.....for example if the house # was 335, then the coop would be 335 1/2.......i know this doesnt answer the name question, but i thought it was clever
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There was a thread on here with tons of names. From that, I'm trying to decide between "Coop-a-Cabana" and "Chicken Cabana"

Other's I remember from that thread are:
Mother Cluckers
Motel Chicks
Hen House
We have a friend who does graphics for a living - she is making us an awesome Biddy Barn sign and one for the door of our run that says - DUCK! with a cute duck with a goose bump on his head ( 2-sided) since you need to remember to duck if you are over 5'6"
I have always loved the one member in here with those beautiful pictures of her coop named...

"the Egg Plant" It had nice purple eggplants painted ona green vine..

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