What size coop for my flock?

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    Oct 25, 2011
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    Math really is not my strong point...I am hoping people can help me figure out how large my coop and run should be. DH said we can build a new coop by spring!! With the chickens I have and chicks I plan to add I will have 40-42 total, but 2/3's of them are bantams.
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    Lets say you have 42 Large Fowl. They need about 4 sq ft of inside space so you would need approx 168 sq ft. a 12x12 would be 144 sq ft and a 12x16 coop would be 192 sq ft. The more room the better. You should plan for chicken lath as well. with 192 sq ft that would make every chicken have about 4.5 sq ft of inside space. with 144 sq ft that would be 3.4 sq ft per bird. So I think a 12x16 or bigger would be the best choice.

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    I am assuming they are full size and the little extra will not kill them or you so if you take 40 birds @ 2.5 sqft at full age and X them at 40 its 100 sqft so that equals a brooder of 10x10 or 8X14' or 6'X18 best of luck that is a awful lot of chicken poop. I clean up every other day on the chicken boards for 10 birds you wont believe I fill up a 5 gal bucket every 3 weeks and 4 times that equals 8 5 gallon buckets every 6 months just from the brooder only OMGoodness!!!!

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