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    What size live trap do we need? I know we have coons, 'possums, foxes (saw dead one on road 1/2 mile from us) and ground hogs don't know about weasels. Harbor Freight has them on sale 'till tomorrow. Medium (1 door) = 32 1/2L x 10W x13 H. Large (1 door) = 37 L x 12 W x 13 H. TSC has a large size with a free small one (squirrel size?) don't know dimensions of their large. Anyway will a smaller animal trigger a larger trap? Hints on using them will be appreciated also!! And what do you do with the dead body? We're not going to re-locate them for someone else to have to deal with.
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    Aug 12, 2009
    I got the 1089 havahart from homedepot for $45.Saw it on amazon for $41.
    Size is 32”L x 10”W x 12"H

    I have caught coons,possums,groundhogs,squirrels,and one cutie cotton tail bunny.

    I just bought the little trap at harbor frieght for chipmunks and it never caught a thing.

    I have read complaints with my trap and the ones you mentioned.I have been happy with mine.I think I read good stuff on duke traps.I got prices from them,and they were a decent cost,but I wanted something that day.Try the traps,and return to the store if you don't like them. I did add zip ties to the back door,so the animals could not pop it open.
    Some traps are so cheaply made the animals tear right through them.
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    Get the biggest you can find.
    An animal will go into a trap too large, but NOT into one too small
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    I ordered some Duke dog proof coon traps, I'll have them next week and will post results.

    I also have a 36 x 12 x 12 made locally. Nice trap but the coons are still tripping it, stacking and blocking it or something.

    I have the 2 pack from TSC. The larger TSC one is 10 x 12' on the rear. I also covered the back 12' on all sides of both traps with 1/2" hardware cloth over the mesh as the coons were reaching thru. (The rear of the chewed up one in the pic now has 1/2" on back too but you can see it on the sides.) Notice it even bent the trip plate. I believe the TSC is an "advantec" but not sure. Havahart is a reputable name brand but I have had no real experience with one.

    Here's what a coon did to the larger TSC trap in the set.

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