What size trashcans, will hold a 50 lb bag of feed


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Nov 27, 2010
Northen Va
I ask this because I want to put some of those steel trashcans with feed and such in one of the coops
My issue is I don't want to take up so much space

I saw 6 gallon trashcans that look as if I could mount them on the walls? And fill those with what I need

But how much does a 6 gallon trashcans hold..if I purchase 50 lb feed bags

I can't imagine running back and forth from coop to house to coop to house when it's feeding time

Thank u
Thanks I didn't want to order to large of trashcans if I don't have too

Mmmnnnnnn,wondering now if I should just get one big one and stick the bags in just one

That is what we use.
I bought these trash cans at the TSC and they work perfect, I think they were 18 gallons, but I'm not sure. They always have them there though. When I put my feed in there there is about 3 inches left at the top!
I just bought a 10 gallon and filled it with a 50# bag of feed.

It does fit, but there is NO room left over at the top. Essentially I'll have to wait until it's completely empty before adding another bag. But I suppose that is easier than trying to reach all the way to the bottom of a full size can to dip food out.

I got mine at ACE Hardware fro $19.99. The lid has a nice airtight fit and the handle lifts up over the lid and locks it in. So I do like those features.
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