what song do you listen to when you miss something?


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Jul 12, 2007
Newport, MI
This is probably the saddest thread I made but there is a song i play when I miss my pittie cujo.
He died last yr and there is a song I play that brings memories back. Its from the fray and its called "how to save a life." What song do you play when you miss someone or something that has left your life?
Whenever I hear Wind Beneath My Wings, I think of various animals and people that have passed on.
When my grandfather passed away, The Dance by Garth Brooks played in the limo on the way to the cemetary. Three years later, when his wife, my Nana passed, the same thing happened. Same limo, same funeral home, same song.

There are times I cannot listen to the song without bawling like a baby.

My boyfriend is away for several months...just about everything makes me cry
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