What temp should I have a still-air foam incubator on for Guinea Hen and Banty eggs?


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I just put some guinea hen eggs in my foam incubator three days ago and set the incubator on 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit, like the instructions suggested. It stays between 99.5 and 100 during the day and sits at 99.4 during the evening. Is this an okay temp for guinea eggs? I am going to add some bantam eggs in four days. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Sounds really good to me! I've got four foam incubators, two still air and have trouble keeping a steady temp.... Usually around 100 but I have different thermometers and they all are a little different. Planning on "checking" them as well as the hydrometers as soon as the last three hatches are finished. Just had five bantam silkie and silkie mixes hatch on days 19 and 20 which I understand is typical.. Tomorrow is hatch day for a bunch of cochins, buff orpington and dominiques. I'm really stressed about this hatch as the crappy thermometer that came with the incubator is running a lot hotter than the thermometers I bought. The ones I bought are lower and with the eggs and running at 100 approx. but the other is 102.....(higher and closer to the top).. Enough to make one completely nuts...
My bantam silkies started hatching on Day 19 and were all finished by Day 20... Foam incubator and approx 100 degrees.
Also, I read that you are adding the bantam eggs to the same incubator as the guineas. Do guineas hatch at 21 days like the chicken eggs? If not, there may be an issue with the humidity for the last three days of lockdown for the bantams as they won't be ready for the lockdown stage and higher humidity.
I've got chicken and guinea eggs in the same batch. You just have to stagger the start time by a few days, as guineas are 25 vs 21, although I've heard many people say they can hatch faster.
Thank you all so much! Now I have it on 101.5 and yes, I put the Guinea eggs in six days before the banty eggs. Wish me luck on my hatch! I'll keep you posted.

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