What temp should the eggs be (under a heat lamp) while they're hatching?


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Apr 25, 2012
I have the eggs under a heat lamp...but I don't know how hot (99 seems too hot) they should be while we're waiting for them to hatch. I have a thermometer and it hasn't gone above 99.

The eggs FEEL too hot and I'm worried we might be baking them!! We moved the heat lamp away just now to give them a break...

Please please please...any advice would be awesome!
It needs to be 99 to 100 degrees and you need them in something to keep the humidity up. at least put down a cookie sheet, set a wire rack inside of it to put the eggs on and put water in the cookie sheet. That will at least give some humidity near the eggs while they hatch.
Absolutely! if the hum. is to low the membrane around the chicks(you know that film in side the shell when you peel a hard boiled egg)will shrink wrap around them and suffocate them and if its too high when they first pip through that membrane they could drown from too much moister in the air cell.
Thanks! I put the eggs on a makeshift "water evaporator" with heat tape underneath two of the eggs are chirping away and we've seen one americauna egg moving around...so hopefully they will hatch soon

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