What the HECK was THAT?!? New pics on post #48 All in the brooder now!


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Jul 19, 2009
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So, I'm just sitting here at the computer, minding my own business, enjoying a morning cup of tea, when from behind me, somewhere in the vicinity of my work table that the incubator sits on, comes a loud POP!!

What the heck was that??? It almost sounded electrical in nature and I'm thinking "Oh Shoot! Don't tell me the incubator just died!! Please NO! NOT the incubator!!! So, I start looking everything over very carefully. After all, I had just topped off the water reservoir to keep the humidity up. Was it possible, even with the tubing that leads from the outside to the inside of the incubator, that I had somehow dripped water on the thermostat and thus blew the darn thing out? OH SHOOT!! OH SHOOT!! OH SHOOT!! What was it that had made that noise?!?!?!?

I mean, this thing makes little noises all the time. And after running for well over a month all total time, I'm pretty accustomed to the sounds it makes. This was NOT a normal sound. So I'm looking and looking and looking and I can't find a darn thing! Hmmppfff!! Must have been my imagination?!?

So, I sit back and just watch the incubator, hoping that the indicator light will come back on, indicating that the heater thermostat at least is still functioning properly. And thinking to myself, what the heck would I do if it did go out? I don't have a back up. And they're still two and a half days away from hatching.

So while I'm in this deep, panic induced thought process, I hear something similar to the earlier loud pop, only softer this time. And I'm looking right at the incubator. I see nothing. No smoke to indicate that something has just bought the farm and the eggs are now screwed...NOTHING?!?! What the heck could it possibly be???

So, just on a whim, I unplugged the fan unit so that I can hear better, turned off the radio that's always on, and the little room heater as well. It's now dead silent out here in the pump house........

And THAT is when I heard THEM!! The eggs!! The eggs! or rather, the Chickies inside of the eggs!! They're making noises!! They're scratching at the insides of their eggs. And they're chirping to each other inside there!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!! I'm gonna be a chicky momma!! I'm gonna be a chicky momma!! I'm gonna be a chicky momma!!!

And by the sounds of them...I might just be a chickie momma sooner than I had expected!!! I'd better get busy putting on the finishing touches on that brooder!!!
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Mrs. Fluffy Puffy :

That's what I though, too!!! Congrats on the chicks !!!
( Was I drooling??? )

Ya know, that was my second thought, right behind something just short circuited in the 'bator!

Update: I HAVE PIPS!!!
I HAVE THREE EGGS PIPPED!!! And they're chirping like crazy in there. That doofus DH of mine swears up and down that he can't hear them! I can hear them plain as day even over the sound of the circulating fan!! They're havin' a party in there, I tell ya!! Sounds like all they need is some chips and some dip and the stereo thumping and they'd be all set!!

Oh Boy!! It's going to be a sleepless night, I can see it coming. I'd go take a nap but I can't pull myself away from watching "Incubator TV"!!

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