What time do you let your chicks out?


12 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Small Town, Virginia
Our chicks spent their first night in the NEW house and I am wondering what time I should go out and open the door to their run??

When they were in the house I didn't normally take the "top" off their brooder until about 9:00 AM, that is when they usually started stirring around and when our roos decided to crow their little funny crows.
I'm still a newbie but, I think when the chicks are first in the new house they should be kept inside for a few days so they understand that is home. Then hopefuly from there they'll return at dusk.
Thanks for your reply.

I really haven't read anything about it, so I didn't know. I do know that it will be kinda hard to keep them in the coop all day for a few days. Our clean out door opens REALLY wide and I keep their water and feed back there, so if I open that they can get out and they won't be in a run.
I do not subscribe to the viw that you need to keep your chicks locked up in the coop to get them used to it and teach them that it is their home. Mine got used to on their own after a while and began going into their coop at dusk all on their own and once that started it continues. For a while you may have to phyically get the chicks and put them in the coop for the night and close the door, but after a while they will get the hang of it on their own. As for what time I let them it, it varies widely, Sometime it is as early as 6:30 and as later as 9:30. Whenever it is they are always anxious to come out but I do keep food and water in their coop. They do not seem to mind very much if I sleep a little late.
Okay, thanks. I didn't want to do the 'cooped up' until you know that is your home deal, it just sounds a little cruel.

I did got ahead and let them out about 9:00 so that is about normal for them and at first they didn't want to come out, finally the did all excepter fo Xander (he/she) just stayed in side and layed back down. I finally got him/her to come out.

Oh you other comment about the water and feed. Will they go back in the coop throughout the day (so soon) to feed and drink?? I don't have their large containers yet, am getting them sometime today from a friend who stopped raising chickens.

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