What to attach fencing with (lots of it)


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Hi everybody,

I am currently planning on building a coop and run for 300 chickens. (call me crazy, right

Anyway, my plans are to fence in about a 200 x 200 area (approx. an acre). Needless to say I will need alot of posts. My thoughts are to use 4 x 4 posts every 50 or 100 feet and about every 10 feet do a t-post.

My question is, what is the best thing to use to attach the fencing to the t-post. I am willing to invest in something (as long as its not crazy expensive) if it will be of good quality and last long.

For our small coop we used bailing wire. I have grown to HATE bailing wire, as it is kind of hard work with, time consuming, and rusts in about 2 weeks.

Does anybody have any ideas??

Thanks in advance,
At Lowes they gave out a bag of 50 T post wires, pre-bent, every time you buy T-posts and you can also buy the bags separately. They are not expensive.

My grandpa used aluminum wires for his - easy to bend and they stay shiney for a long time.
When you buy t-posts always get the free connectors. They can be used for field fencing, barbed wire, etc...
We are curremtly in the process of re-fencing 8 acres using 4 inch treated wood posts every 100 ft and in between t-posts at 8 ft intervals. Covered with 48 inch field fencing, then 2 ft poultry wire. Hot wire on top and at 3 and six inches on the outside.
Thanks everybody for the responses so far!

It seems that everybody agrees on the connectors that come with the posts. I have just barely breefly tried these but in the end we ended up using the bailing wire (of course I was not the opinion that mattered).

Anyway, are these sturdy and good to hold the fencing on with? (I do not want to re-do this again in 2 years)

Again thanks everybody,
So you didn't like putting them on? and switched back to bailing wire?
Are you using fencing pliars?

My fence is like a month old, so you'll have to ask someone else about how long they last but I really don't see any reason that they wouldn't last just as long as the fence.
Yes, the T post clips are VERY sturdy (which you will find out when trying to put them on the posts!!). We put our pasture fence up 8 years ago and they are all still there. AND I hit about every other T post with the zero turn mower when I am mowing around the pasture LOL!!!!!!!
The free fencing ties are made to last as said above. After a few they bcome easy to put on. Part of our new fencing is replacing treated wood, t-posts and wire (with ties) that is 20 years old.
I only tried like 2 and thought they were a little um....difficult(?).

I didnt put enough on to actually 'get good' or anything, and I may have been putting them on wrong anyway.

Thanks everybody,

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