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Mar 19, 2021
My Coop
My Coop
Yesterday, I made a deal where if I can grow my nails (I'm a nail biter), I can hatch 3 more eggs! In a few months of not biting they'll be long enough, so I'm keeping my mind off biting by thinking what breeds I can hatch. l can't narrow it down, there are so many breeds I want!!!
  • Seramas (my dream chicken, but hard to find)
  • eggs from my own silkies, Kiwi and Pippin (not guaranteed fertility, I can get them free though)
  • Wyandottes (not exactly small, but really pretty)
  • Sebright (small, pretty, like small wyandottes)
  • D'uccle (small, cute)
There are a bunch of others I've always wanted to have too. Any suggestions on birds that fit this criteria?
  • Go well with silkie and polish flock
  • Small
  • Friendly
  • Must be chicken
  • easy to hatch and brood
Tell me what you think I should choose and I'll add to the poll.
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