What to do about a hen with one chick and one unhatched egg? AAAAHHHHHGGG!


Jun 26, 2012
It bears saying that I'm not generally panicky, but I need some advice.

Pepper, my 2-year-old bantam D'Uccle hen, decided to go broody on two eggs. They both were fertilized and developed normally, as far as I could tell (I am a compulsive candler...). Now, on day 22 (because day 21 would have been too much to ask from anyone), one of the eggs hatched, making the fluffiest little perfect chick we've named Tahini. Two days later, the other one hasn't hatched. Of course, Pepper won't leave it, which means that the baby she has isn't getting food and drink. What do I do? All I can tell about the unhatched egg is that it is completely occluded. I hate to take it away from Pepper if it's going to go ahead and hatch, but Tahini will die without food and water. AGH!


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7 Years
Jan 8, 2013
Make a cage with a heat lamp over it with food and water. Then put Tahini in it. Leave the egg with the mother a couple more days.

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