what to do about idiots next door?

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  1. They are my cousins, unfortunately, who are in their 30's and live with their dad. [​IMG] They have been coming onto my property - 8-10 of them at a time - and having fishing parties. They do not ask permission. They build a fire. They drink. Some of their friends try to sneak down there during the week and leave if they see me. They will not listen to their Dad (he has no respect from them whatsoever).

    Two weeks ago I told them no more - none of it on my property. So today some of them snuck onto my friend's part of the pond (she lives next door) and I saw them and ran them off. I know they don't have her permission, and as soon as she was home today I spoke to her.

    Anyway, what do you do about the idiots next door who keep trespassing and what do you do when they are your relatives? They ARE kind of scary people. The one who is the leader of the whole thing is a meth head. It's not good.

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    If they are trespassing make shure a no tresspassing sign is up and then every time they tresspass call the cops , its against the law.

    Ops finaly sunk in the rest of what I read..

    Yup call the cops if they are tresspassing , they might make a stink but more then likely they will just find somewhere easer to squat.
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    Quote:I was pretty amused with your story until I got to the last part. That is a game changer. That activity can only come to no good. I dont know what to tell you to keep them off of your property but you need to figure it out soon. The 'meth" activity will only get worse and you and your family's stuff will start dissappearing. Let us know what you do.
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    I say post signs and then call the cops. They obviously have no respect for you, cousin or not.
  5. Post no trespassing signs, warn the father they'll be dealing with the cops. Post it as much as you can. Then call the police. Have your friend post no tresspassing signs too.
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    First of all I would give them a warning that if caught on my property they will be prosecuted. Post signs. IT probally won't do any good but post the signs and take some pics of the signs posted(they might try rippping them down.) I would then call the sheriff and tell them of your problem so they are notified in case they need to be there to issue a warrant for an arrest. Just because these are your cousins it does not give them the right to abuse your kindness. Believe me you don't want people dealing, using drugs on your property no matter who they are.
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    Honey, I don't care if they are your cousins. If they can't respect you and your property after being told not to, post a no trespassing sign in clear view and call the police when they do it again.
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    Old Mill pointed out a good idea, pictures. Take pictures when you see them on your property too, the ashes, bottles, etc, for proof.
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    maybe a restraining order and then some video or pics of them later might make them pay attention. Cops don't like people that violate restraining orders.
  10. Ok, I called the sheriff and filed a report. A deputy will call me back. Yes, next time I'll take pictures of whomever is down there.

    I just know if they are drunk/drugged and one of them or their kids falls in my pond and drowns - I'm the one who be held responsible.

    They are bad news. Squatters is exactly what they are.

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