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Apr 13, 2015
I have pekin ducks eggs in an incubator and on May 17 it's the 25th day of being in the incubator. And Im not quite sure what to do on the 25th day through the 28th. Some say that you leave them in the incubator and don't turn them. But others say to take them out of the incubator and put them in a hatchery thing. I don't know which way is right. So could someone please tell me what temp. , and if the eggs stay in the incubator on the 25th day through the 28th
The best place for duck answers are the duck threads on BYC. Go to "Other backyard Poultry," forum above to post on the duck threads. Hope you have a successful hatch.


Glad you joined us!

I've never artificially incubated duck eggs, but I would definitely leave the eggs in the incubator and not turn them. Temp should be around 99-100F, and humidity around 60-70%, I believe. I hope you have a good hatch!

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