What to do for a cut on chickens head?


8 Years
Mar 21, 2011
Our vision imparied dom is bleeding on her head, from what I can see she cut her comb. What is the best way to care for it?
i hope by now you got the bleeding stopped.
they make that special stuff to stop bleeding like for dogs toe nails if they get cut to short.
Flour works too.

some kind of antibiodic cream for a few days should be good.

if you are into herbs, Comfrey is what you need.
Clean it off with iodine solution or even just warm water. Apply some neosprorin type ointment on a regular basis. You might want to sequester her away from the flock, if others are pecking at her because they are attracted to blood it will only make it worse. Blu-Kote is an antiseptic that will cover the red and help prevent pecking (in farm store's horse section) Don't use anything with benzocaine.
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