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    My girl has injured her leg awhile ago. She doesn't get bullied at all so I let her recovered on her own. I figured her leg was broke but she never showed any problems other than limping. Normal chicken living. After some time I guess her leg healed back wrong but again i didn't feel the need to intervene. One early morning I went out to the coop and she was sleeping on the floor. Not sick, just gave up on getting on the roost (not high up). Her leg was looking kinda bad, bad limp and rather sit. Still not bullied and eats decent but doesn't lay eggs. I would like to get some advise to try and help her. Vets the last option. [​IMG]
    Picture of her in the link. I have more if needed.
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    Looks like a serious break or joint dislocation...I'm betting her hip is dislocated.

    How long ago, in days/weeks/months, did this start?
    Did you feel along her leg to determine where the injury is?

    Not sure even a vet could do anything,
    but examine and maybe xray to confirm exactly what the problem is.

    ETA: Is this the same bird as in this thread?
    If so, need to know how this injury has changed or not over the 6 months since it happened
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