What to do?? - Twin egg hatch

Hey all...So it's day 21 for my chick eggs...I couldn't candle well, due to brown eggs, nightmare to see anything. But day 18 lock down and as luck would have it. 2 chicks in one egg. No piping yet, I candled the egg for a few seconds, had to check for life again and size of air sacs. One air sac is just large enough on one end, the other end looks pretty tight, would like to see both make it, and both are still alive..It's 4am here..I'm worried. Any suggestions other than not leaving my home for a second..


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any update?
No pip..but a little movement...at 4am they were alive..and as of 12 minutes ago also..it's now just noon here..I've been playing chick song, to give them a little incentive, but my hens and Roo out back are trying to get in my house now..lol..I'm flipping out just a little, but not an exact science with eggs..Just thought that if two were inhabiting one home, they'd go early, this is not the case. Still early in the day here..Thanks for the information and the threads..I watched the video several times..WOW! I'll keep you all posted..thanks again guys...

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