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9 Years
Nov 28, 2010
My question is...Should I put mom and dad (Chinese geese) in goose coop along with their two 2 1/2 week old goslings in bad weather during the day? They will have access to feed and water. How about just mom and babies? The goslings have been outside with their parents since they were 5 days old, but the weather was much warmer. It has been cooler and raining off and on since the hurricane passed through. I have been putting them in at night all along for safety. It's confining them all, during the day, in inclement weather that has me puzzled. Anyone care to share?
My geese have the option of going indoors, but they never do. When it rains, the mom goose spreads her wings slightly and the goslings sit under her wings.

I have seen some of the babies sheltered by the goose and a couple of them sheltered by the gander. It's sort of like they are sitting under an umbrella. Both parents take care of them.

As soon as they have feathers, they are pretty much impervious to weather.
The goslings are only 3weeks old and I see no feathers yet. I'm no longer seeing Abigail, [the mom] covering them with her wings as she did the first week and a half. The babies walk around the yard with mom and dad occasionally sitting down with mom standing nearby. It has been only in the 50s and raining. Real nasty. I couldn't help myself today and I herded them back onto their coop where it's dry. I tried leaving daddy out side but, they all made such a fuss
I put him back inside with his little family! I wouldn't want to lose the babies from being chilled. They have water and feed inside. But I know they hate
me for doing this!
I kept my babies in a dog crate cage until I knew the Momma geese would take care of them properly, she stayed inside the whole day and wouldn't let anything or anyone in except the other female goose.

I would do whatever is the safest for the babies and I had my 2 drakes kill one of my babies after they had been together for many weeks. I would just use extra caution to keep them safe.
I have read that they get to be better parents with "practice", so maybe the parents are still not very good at it yet. I'd take care of the babies or raise them by hand if necessary....

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