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5 Years
Jun 21, 2014
I need help! I am obsessed with chickens and I can't get enough of them. Recently I have been allowing the broodies to incubate eggs. I love it, but my dad says that we can't have more than 30 laying hens and 2 roos. Right now I have 19 laying hens, 2 roos, 6 too-young-to-tells, and 4 incubating eggs. I did the addition and that means 30 birds when the eggs hatch. And half of the hatch are going to be roos. How can I get rid of all the roos? I would post it on Swaps Forum but I am too young to participate in a swap. Does anyone want chickens? I completely, totally, absolutely refuse to cull any birds. And every year there will only be more chicks. If you live in lower Idaho maybe we can see about getting you some new chicks. Or if there are other solutions out there then I would love to hear them.
Thanks bunches,


8 Years
Jul 29, 2013
Southern Illinois
I would try craigslist. That's where I post all of my birds up for sale. Don't be so sure that half of your hatch will be roos. I've had all roos, no roos, and a few roos come out of a hatch. 2 roos is good for 30 hens. If you get stuck with an extra roo, one more probably wouldn't hurt, but I wouldn't go with anymore than that. Try to keep it at 1 roo per 10-12 hens. Just wanted to mention that if you're planning on raising poultry long term, there will come a time when you will probably have to cull. It's just part of it. Not the most fun part, of course. Also, if you don't want your broodies hatching chicks, try breaking them of their broodiness. You don't want to end up with a bunch of chicks when you don't want/need them. Good luck with your birds!

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